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April 6th, 2023

It was narrated from Jabir that :

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “Ask Allah for beneficial knowledge and seek refuge with Allah from knowledge that is of no benefit.”

Sunan Ibn Majah 3843

Our religion is full of beneficial knowledge, and the ones willing can be fascinated by its vastness and comprehensiveness.

And it is also essential to know the source and references of the texts and the interrelation between them. We have taken the first step towards solving this problem.

About SearchDeen

Introducing searchdeen.com, our search platform providing access to a vast collection of Islamic resources worldwide, including translations and tafsirs of the Quran, hadith, lots of Duas and more.

With SearchDeen, you can search for specific topics, keywords, or phrases related to and get references that are tailored to your search query. Our search engine is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making finding the information you need quickly and efficiently easy.

Some beneficial use cases

We often find ourselves searching for the full content of the hadith that we partially remember or the source of it. Doing a dawah presentation or research for an article, we want to easily find Quran and hadith related to that topic at hand. By using the searchdeen, We can search for a partial hadith and find the proper reference.

Since we have a lot of different translations of the Quran verses, it’s easy to find the right one even if we don’t remember the exact words. This can also be done using transliteration. And when we find the item, we can directly go to the relevant website for the full content:

Future roadmap

We plan to include a lot of interesting and beneficial features on this website in the future bi iznillah. We believe this will be an essential tools to spread the message of Islam and bring people closer to Islam. To mention a few of them:

  1. Find related content: Find verses and hadith related to a particular Quranic verse or hadith along with relations to dua, seerah events and historic figures.
  2. Search in Seerah events: We will expose events from the Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) via this search interface. This also includes finding historical figures and their details.
  3. Multiple languages: A lot of new languages for the Quran and hadith translations will be added.
  4. Topic clustering: we will enable extracting key topics from each content and allow searching using those.
  5. Bookmarks: bookmark Quran and Hadith to read later from our apps.


There are a lot of authentic Islamic resources available worldwide. And to find what one needs from a plethora of websites is a painstaking experience. This is why we have started the work of indexing all the resources under a single interface to give you a quick and easy way to find authentic sources for your next project.

Whether you are a student of Islamic studies, a researcher, or someone who wants to give Da’wah to people, SearchDeen is the perfect tool for you. We are committed to providing you with reliable and accurate information that you can trust. So you can be effective in your learning and sharing knowledge bi iznillah.

Join our community of learners and start your journey of discovery today with SearchDeen.com.

If you find this beneficial and want to be a part of it. you can support us by three ways

  1. Share with your friends and let people know about it.
  2. Share your feedback and comments on feedback.gtaf.org/searchdeen
  3. Donate to support the project via our donation page.
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