Here's What You Get
Word by Word Translation
Read Word by Word translation of Quran in Bangla, English, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Ingush, Malay, Russian, Tamil, Turkish and Urdu.
Translations & Tafsirs
Understand the Quran by studying 70+ Translations & Tafsirs of the Quran in 35+ Languages, including Tafsir Ibn Kathir in multiple languages.
Mushaf Mode
Recite Quran in Mushaf Mode to have the same experience when reciting from hard-copy mushaf. Several Mushafs are available, including Madani, Naskh Indopak, Qaloon, Shemerly, Warsh.
Recite Tajweed colour-coded Quran with ease.
Here's What You Get
Listen to several Quran recitations by 30+ Reciters (downloadable for offline use).
Quran Planner
Plan your Khatmah of the Quran using the Quran Planner.
Bookmark ayahs to your own Collections, take Notes for each ayah and keep track of the last read ayah using Pins.
Quran Corpus
Study and Analyse Word by Word Root and Lemma Information, Word Occurrences, Grammar, Verb Forms to dive in more depth.
What Our Users Had To Say?
Abdulkarim Ghazi
Jazakallah. May Allah reward you with the greatest rewards. One of my brother Iqbal Tarique told me about this app and he said that this is the best app if someone wants to do comparative study and wants to learn the Arabic of quran. He also said that this app will be very helpful if someone wants to understand the meaning from the root of the words. And I really found this helpful. Thanks again.
Shuaib Kamalludeen
This is the best Quran app ever,it it contents are superb, in fact when I saw the contents I could not wait to express my feelings by rating the app.
Arslan Malik
Amazing app, Jazak Allahu khairan. I'm using this to learn Quranic arabic and its helping alot Alhamdulillah!
Reduana Sultana
Assalamu alaikum.It's an excellent 💚 app.I did not find any problem in this app. It also has a very good backup capability.I think this app is the best of all Al QURAN apps in the playstore .Just amazing app. MashAllah.
Ahmed Abdul'Hamid
At least for me, this is the best Quran available on play store. Highly recommended. You won't regret , I hope. And if possible, then please donate, so that the developers can make it even better. .
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