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June 9th, 2024
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GTAF user Testimonial

Since our journey in 2015, we’ve received countless reviews and feedback about our apps. We appreciate each of them and always look forward to making our apps flawless and user-friendly.

We want to share some of the most inspiring reviews that keep us motivated and striving for excellence on this journey. Let’s dive in!

Al Quran App Reviews

1. “I use the app everyday Alhamdulillah. Reading quran through your app brings me so much peace and happiness. I even deleted my social media accounts like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram and now will just focus on deen, my education (I am a doctor who is currently enrolled in a Master of Public Health program) and family (I am not married). Your app is my go-to. I use it when I’m happy, depressed and even angry at somebody. It helps a lot (along with daily salaah, dhikr and dua). Keep up the good work. I actually wanted to donate in Ramadan, but who knows if I will live until then right? Jazak Allah.

 P.S. It’s especially great to earn sadaqah Jariyiha while donating =)”

– Adeel Siddiquei

2.  “I don’t know whether you will be reading this or not but I got to share this that, tomorrow I will become a “QURAN HAFIZ”, إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُ. The reason I am writing this here is that I memorized all the 30 juz from this app in approx. 7 to 8 month ٱلْحَمْدُ لِلّٰهِ.” 

– Mohammad 

3. “I have been using this Al Quran app for over a year now and it has become an everyday essential for me. The word by word meaning feature has been extremely helpful in improving my Arabic language skills, more so than any other resource I have tried. I particularly appreciate the ability to select a specific word and see all its occurrences throughout the Quran, giving me a deeper understanding of its usage.

The index feature is another standout, allowing me to easily navigate and research different topics, taking my understanding to another level. And the library feature has been a lifesaver, allowing me to save certain ayaths for later reference.

I also love the planner and daily reminder features which have helped me stay on track with my Quran studies. Overall, this app is an exceptional resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of the Quran and Arabic language. Highly recommended!

May Allah bless the creators of this amazing Quran app and jazaakallah for providing such a valuable resource for Muslims worldwide.” 

– Nuverru

4. “Assalāmu’aliekum, may Allāh bless you for a such wonderful app you made for the ummah. Beautiful designed and great features, all for free and no ads!!! Please make du’a for me please, I have a brain tumor and I ask you to make du’a to Allāh for Him to heal me.”  

– Yusuf Islam

5. “Thank you for ALL the hard work you put into this incredible Qur’an app! I’ve benefited so much and so many others too I’m sure. May Allah SWT accept this Qur’an app as sadaqah jariyah for all the developers! May you be abundantly rewarded for it in the hereafter!! Thank you so much.” 

– Mina Amanzai

6. “Jazakallah, I’m doing hifz using your Quran app. May Allah SWT bless you all success in your mission aameen.” – Rizwana Buthool

7. “As a student in alim course and a hifz student, this app provides useful tools for both memorization and improving my Arabic. I have used many Quran apps before, but this isnthe first I have found with tafsir, mufti taqi usmani translation, tajwid rules, proper page layout, Shuraym as one of the reciters, and word for word translation. It is also the highest quality one I’ve used. Jazakallah khair for the wonderful app.” 

– Hameedullah Farooki

8. “I love its features and options. I was looking for a Quran app that had multiple translations, I came across this app and loved the following features: – It let’s you view different translations of an ayah simultaneously. – It can simultaneously show word for word translation – The BEST feature is that you can see verb conjugations and root words of every word. – It also displays the number of times a word appears in the Quran and its different variations. Plus, it will list all those verses.” 

– Ahmed Syed

9. “I love the features. It has so many different qari, and the best part is that you may choose the playback speed to accommodate your reading. The translation also makes it easier for us to understand the surah.” 

– Ika Sani

10. “One of the best App for tafsir , best part about this app is the language, you can choose any language and the 2nd best features is you can listen to any verse with your preference of voice(Quari voice) there are so many voices . And also font there are specific Asia , Europe and middle East typography there . recommended app from my side.” 

– Umair Kashif

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Hadith App Reviews

1. “If i could rate this app a billion or trillion… It would still won’t be enough. How ALL THE authentic HADITH book ever made.. And their source everything is provided in detail. SubhanAllah. Allahumma barik.”

– Shireen Fatima

2. “A++ Unbelievably Beautiful.. Undoubtedly it is one of the most useful Islamic application available in android market. Want to have authentic sayings of Muhammad (pbuh) ? It is the final terminal… I love it so much.”
– Md Sohil Ansar

3. “Assalamualaikum brother U re doing a great work keep it Amazing app and wide range of hadith with refrence good. I m really forward to use your apps they re amazing and no ads.”

– Advocate Associates Hyderabad

4. “Best app for hadiths its sooo usefull and its helping the ummah keep the sunnah and hadiths going brother/sister trully deserves the 5 star its easy to use and it helps the ummah keep it up good work!”

– Hoshber Hunter

5. “May Allah SWT Grant you Jannatul Firdaus. Ma sha Allah. Very amazing and beneficial application to serve the ummah alhamdulilah. Please I asked kindly never stop developing it and maintaining it. It’s a huge rewards on your scales of good deeds in the Hereafter. Amen ajmaeen.”

– Mohammed

6. “Bismilahir Rahmanir Raheem! Hadith collections has been of great use for me, during my studies and also everyday questions that arise when faced with day to day obstacles. Very easy to navigate and the broad range offered to gauge information from, is great for the insightful person of faith to get a firm grasp on any questions they have in accordance with Sunnah and also for the general knowledge of Hadith for an inquisitive mind outside of the fold of Islam. Alhumdulilah.”

– Abdul Quddus

7. “Best app for hadith I’ve ever seen, May Allah grant Jannat ul firdaus to the people that worked for this app, it contains every single hadiths, it shows the chain of narrations, their authenticity, it also shows all isnads, basically, it contains every single thing related hadith.”

– Patel Mushab

8. “This is one my favorite app never stop reminding teaching you more on Hadith of noble Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him.” 

– Ibraheem Folami

9. “Masha Allah ✨, this is a wonderful app. May the Allah Almighty bless everyone who works for the creation of this beautiful app the best of reward. Aameen 🤲.” 

– Abubakar Barry

10. “JazakAllah Khair. Absolutely useful. An all-in-one with easy search. May Allah accept your deeds and efforts and grant you the best of thus world and the next. Ameen. Ya Rabb.” 

– Irda Noordin

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Seerah App Reviews

1. “Alhamdulilah for getting this app. It’s a must have for everyone seeking to get knowledge about finalization of Islam and the life of the Rasulullah. May Allah reward the creators bountifully. This is the apex of it all🏆”

– Akinde AbdulRaheem

2.  “This app has been amazing for me, Alhamdulillah! I cannot thank the team enough for this app. Very grateful! It’s so easy to use as it’s very well organized and doesn’t have too many options to get confused with. May Allah accept all these hard work from GTAF team and preserve them all. Jazakumullahu Khairan!”

– Amatur Rahman

3. “Alhamdulillah for this wonderful app. I downloaded it a few days ago and all about the app is good, the interface, it’s content, ads free and convenient. I’ve been using quite alot of your applications. Well done GTAF. جزاكم الله خيرا”

– Abubakar Hussaini Muhammad

4. “Very happy to see this app based totally upon Seerah of our Prophet Muhammad (SAW). JazakAllahu Khairan for your efforts. Waiting to see more useful features. BarakAllahu Fik.”

– Sajid

5. “Though I already have Sealed Nectar book yet so excited to see this App, I trust greentech fully cause I already have Al-Qur’an and it’s a fine work from greentech, May Allah SWT reward you.”

– Muhammad

6. “Wallahi Masha Allah, i have more knowledge on Seerah, may Allah grant us more knowledge and understanding and continue to support your good work @greentech.”

– Alamin Muhammad

7. “Ma sh Allah. Very informative app about Prophet Mohammed (SAW). I will suggest every muslim & non muslim to read the seerah of Prophet (SAW).”

– Nurul Islam Lam

8. “I am very excited to see this kind of app about the life story of the most popular mankind in the whole world PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAW ❤️💙🤍”

– Muyideen Adesokan

9. “Seems excellent. Just installed it. Super excited and thankful. Can’t wait to read through the seerah of our Prophet of Allah (s.a.w).”

– H. TButt

10. “Easy access to seerah of prophet peace be upon him. Thanks for the app. May Allah bless you.”

– Furqan zargar

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Dua & Zikr App Reviews

1. “Very good app.. makes it so easy to remember. I make sure I’m doing my morning and evening adhkars from this app daily. Also the quranic reminders that come are supremely challenging for everyday.. I get to reflect a lot through it. And ofcourse the audio feature for every possible duwa, multiple references of the sources are well put in the app. And various ahadiths are also there.. May Allah bless the makers for putting in so much effort.”

– Shamia Naz Laskar

2. “This app is just getting better and better. I love the word-by-word translation of the du’a and dzikir so it makes memorizing du’a so much easier and also help us to be more conscious about what we read/recite. Jazaakumullahu khairan.” 

– M. Kurniawati

3. “I love this app so much! No advertisements or anything alhamdullilah. Can easily read my morning and evening athkar with no issues. I guess it can be a little difficult finding the adiyat but you can bookmark them easily once you do find them 👍🏾. Overall one of the best apps on my phone! Also has a new hadith everyday, very nice feature in my opinion.”

– Norah A

4. “I love the app and how you can create multiple favorite groups with different titles in different colors. Also, it is easy to rearrange the groups as well as the hadiths within each group. I love how the app also references each dhikir to its source, while including a brief description of the reward and a good english translation. I love the app and definitely recommend it.”

– Saif Qaisi

5. “The best app for reciting Duas with authentic reference source. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. I highly recommend this app. I have been using this since 2018 Alhamdulillah and have been able to share this with so many people. Alhamdulillah Great work by Green tech team. May Allah reward you all with the bests of this duniya and akhira Ameen.”

– M. Marium

6. “A very excellent app. It’s easy to use and the adzkar are arranged in a logical manner that makes it easy to read. It’s isn’t bulky so it’s doesn’t consume space on your phone It also has a search feature incase you need to find an adzkar on something. It’s just very nice and I’ve been using it for a long time now.”

– Odunola Ewedara Rasheed

7. “Its a really great app, lots of useful feature thats not found in other similar apps, interface is amazing. My favourite feature is that I can group my favourite duas into folders and not just bookmark them, individual duas can also be easy shared with others.”

– Rushia Roshid

8. “This app has all the basic duas needed in daily life and i really appreciate your hard work and efforts into creating this beneficial app. Not only can you browse the necessary duas, but you can also bookmark the mostly used ones, which i thought i was very helpful. I’m so glad i have this application on my phone and i use it everyday. I would recommend this for anyone who’s looking into reciting all the duas needed for the day. Jazaakallah kairan.”

– Brown. Sloth

9. “Jazakumullaha khairan. Incredible app. Just like the booklet of Fotress of the Muslim(Hisnul Muslim), but its even better as it is portable (in your phone). It use can be offline, and has word by wors translation. Different Du’as. It also has audio, incase you are not sure of the arabic words you are pronouncing.”

– Salim Gaji

10. “Amazing audio clips of the duas, convenient editable bookmark folders and a lovely aesthetic. Thank you Team Greentech and the Dua & Zikr Team for an amazing app. May the Almighty bless you in abundance for being a part of our daily lives and helping us learn new supplications.”

– Intisaar Lawal

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Dua & Zikr App [Bangla] Reviews

1. “One of the most useful App for learning duas. It offers arabic transcript with translation and transliteration. It allows sorting duas according to users need. I have learnt many duas using this app. Word by word meaning is amazing to learn dua easily. Love this app ❤️.”

– Yeti Eyry

2. “Alhamdulillah this app is so user friendly. All the features are very useful. I specifically like the feature that we can check the individual meaning of words. This makes memorizing and remembering the du’as easier. Jazakallahu Khairan. May Allah SWT bless the people involved in this endeavour.”

– Jannatul Akmam

3. “It is very good experience for me to use this app..this app helps me to connect with my regular reciting i can use this app any place that i m willing to and can recite any dua as far my requirements.”

– Ayesha Siddika

4. “Alhamdulillah,such a good app for learning, listening & reciting dua or dhikr….I must admire that it is so helpful app for Muslim ummah & I am inviting you to install the app to know more about qurani or hadith’s dua,,In Sha Allah, If you use this app properly, you will be benefited, In Sha Allah🤍💞💕.”

– Tasmia Ahmed Dia

5. “Greatest dua app i ever seen. Who want to make dua, must install this app. You will find all kinds of dua with reference of hadis in this can read arabic, Arabic pronunciation written in Bengali and Bengali word meaning. Besides you can listen audio. Perfect with no ad. Most of the dua app are fully loaded with many kinds of ads. That’s annoying. Thanks to builder and deveper to make an app ads free. Jajakallah khairan.”

– Fk Shamim

6. “One of the best apps which includes a great number of supplications in different categories with meaning and pronunciation ( both written and audio) in Bengali. Besides, it has some amazing features which have made my using experience easy and comfortable.”

– Jannatul Ferdous

7. “Discover the incredible benefits of this remarkable tool and bask in its sheer awesomeness! Designed with the user in mind, this tool is not only immensely helpful, but also entirely free of distracting ads. It truly is an awesome addition to your toolkit.”

– Shakilur Rahman

8. “As-salamu alykum, dear developers. AlHumdulillah, indeed it’s a praiseworthy app. As we spend a lot of time with our mobile, having such a great Dua app is really helpful. Whether it’s the morning evening Duas or Duas related to other things that we do throughout the day or Duas for special occasion we can easily access them with this app which is very convenient insha Allah. May Allah accept ur efforts to benefit the Muslim ummah thro all ur apps including this one & give you countless rewards.”

– Md. Shariful Islam

9. “Alhamdulillah, Such a nice app! There are many apps in playstore of Hisnul Muslim. But this app is visually simple and gives a soothing feel. The app has categorized all Duas into our daily life categories. So, it is easier to pick the right Dua from here. One can listen to the Dua if wishes. Jazakallahu Khairan.”

– Shahriar Kabir

10. “This is one of the most important apps for every Muslims. It’s very useful app for Muslims, Those who are eager to acquire Islamic knowledge. Very grateful to such an essential daily needed ‘Dua & Zikir’ storage with multifaceted using facilities. Every Bengali speaking Muslims should keep this app in their mobile. I’ve learned many blessings through this app, Alhamdulillah ! I’m grateful to the Developer of this app. I pray for the team so that they can update more advanced technology.”

– Sk Osman Goni

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Deen Quiz App Reviews

1.  “Super great, alhamdulla for this app Thanks so to the developer I recommended it to all my Muslim Brothers and Sisters Just that, You have to answer it within a few times.”

– Mariama Amissah

2. “Can choose language (Bangla or English). And most importantly, there’s an offline support. Which is perfect ✨ JajakAllahu khairan 💜”

– Ashraf X

3. “MashaAllah It’s one of the best app, a great effort by the developers to learn Islam. May Allah Ta’ala accept these kind of beautiful deeds. بارك الله في عمركم وعلمكم و عملكم”

– Mian Ahmad Gul Kakakhel

4. “Alhamdulillah its a awesome app.. Any one can learn many things from these! Jazak Allahu khairun☺☺.. Please everyone try to download these app ! It will be a great benefit for you!!”

– Sumaiya Hafiz

5. “Jajakallah khair for this buatifull islamic apps may allah give you more oppurtunity to make this type of apps in the future as well 💖🌸”

– Kashif Ashar

6. “May Allah “Bless” All of you,, for the spread knowledge….💝💝 Thank you so much to Islamic quiz.”

– Mohammad Arafat

7. “Best of all Islamic quiz games.People can learn more from this app. Thanks for this app.”

– Samia Zaman

8. “This app make me realize how small did i know about islam. Jazakallah khairan katsira o akhi.”

– Franklin Clinton

9. “Alhumduliallah Expanded my islamic knowledge… Allahumma Barik!”

– Liham Mirza

10. “Alhamdulillah good one. Learning should be fun. Alhamdulillah they tried it.”

– Shiful Mahmud

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