French Word By Word Quran Translation in Quran App

March 14th, 2024
French WBW is Now Available GTAF

Assalamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah,

We are here to announce and exciting update 🚀

Alhamdulillah, Word by Word translation of the Quran in French is now available in your ‘Al Quran (Tafsir & by Word) app. Many of you have been asking for it, and it’s finally here!

We hope this will help our French-speaking brothers and sisters better understand the Quran in sha Allah.

How to Enable French Word By Word? 

Just follow these steps to use this:

  1. Open any Surah in the app
  2. Tap the top-right icon to open Quick Settings
  3. Tap the ‘Word By Word’ option and swipe down to refresh the list
  4. You will now find the French language listed
  5. Tap French to download and read the word-by-word translation
  6. Enjoy reading Al Quran word by word in French

The following video demonstrates how to enable French word-by-word translation in your ‘Al Quran (Tafsir & by Word)’ app.

Download the app: Android | iOS

Jazakallahu khairan to Brother Usman N. for sharing the valuable resource with us.

Share this exciting update with everyone in your network, so they can also benefit from this in Ramadan, in sha Allah.

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