Donate for Laylatul Qadr and Empower GTAF with Monthly Donation

April 11th, 2023

As the blessed last 10 days of Ramadan is beginning, Muslims around the world are preparing to seek the benefits of Laylatul Qadr, a night that is better than a thousand months.

Imagine the immense rewards and blessings that can be earned in just one night! With Gtaf, you can donate regularly during the last 10 days of Ramadan and make a lasting impact with Sadaqah Jariyah – continuous rewards that keep benefiting you even after Ramadan ends.

By donating just $100 on Laylatul Qadr, it’s like donating $100 continuously for 83 years and 4 months, multiplying your blessings manifold! You can donate equally on each night of the last 10 days or even slightly more on the odd nights, as Laylatul Qadr is possibly on an odd night. You can also customize your donations on the 27th night, known as the Night of Power, for even greater rewards.

Support us and it will be the best ongoing sadaqah for you.


But why stop there?

Consider becoming a monthly donor with GTAF and create a win-win situation for Laylatul Qadr and beyond! Your regular donations will not only bring you immense rewards during Ramadan but also continue to benefit you in the Hereafter.

At Greentech Apps Foundation, we have been dedicated to providing Islamic apps for the benefit of mankind since 2014. With the unwavering support of our donors, we have developed 10 apps and made a positive impact on the lives of Muslims worldwide. However, we are facing challenges in meeting our monthly operational costs, which is affecting our ability to further improve and expand our products.

This is where you can make a difference. During this blessed month and the most blessed nights of all time, we are appealing to you to become a monthly donor and support our mission. Your recurring donation, whether it’s $5, $10, $20, or more, will directly contribute to our operational expenses, allowing us to focus on developing groundbreaking important and most useful features to existing apps to meet the digital requirements of the Ummah in a better way.

Why You Should Be a Monthly Donor

Not only will your monthly donation provide us with the stability and resources we need to enhance our products, but it will also bring you ongoing rewards in the form of Sadaqah Jariyah. As mentioned in a Hadith, Allah loves the amal (good deed) that is done regularly, even if it is small. Your consistent support as a monthly donor will bring you ongoing rewards and blessings in this world and in the Hereafter, becoming a legacy that you leave behind.

Join us in this noble cause and be inspired by the difference you can make as a monthly donor. Your support will empower us to continue our mission with passion, dedication, and innovation. Become a monthly donor to leave a lasting legacy that will continue benefiting Muslims for generations to come. Together, we can create a brighter future for our Ummah.

Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ) said, “Do good deeds properly, sincerely, and moderately, and know that your deeds will not make you enter Paradise, and that the most beloved deed to Allah is the most regular and constant even if it were little.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 6464)

Unlock immense rewards this Ramadan by donating regularly for Laylatul Qadr, and empower our mission by becoming a monthly donor at Greentech Apps Foundation.

Support us and it will be the best ongoing sadaqah for you.

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