The Death of Abdul Muttalib
featured | October 2nd, 2023
The Death of Abdul Muttalib: Pre-Prophethood [Seerah Ep 7]

It would have been somewhat easier on the orphaned boy had Abd al Muttalib lived longer than he did, but with the decree of Allah, the Prophet’s grandfather passed away at the age of eighty whilst the Prophet was eight years old. The charge of Muhammad ﷺ now fell to Abu Talib, his uncle. Abu […]

Why Studying Seerah is Important
featured | September 27th, 2023
Why is Seerah Important? 10 Benefits of Studying Seerah

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is the noblest and most virtuous character among the creations, and he gets the highest honour from Allah. Loving and following him is an essential part of believers’ faith. So, studying Seerah to learn about Rasulullah ﷺ should be a top priority for Muslims. If you haven’t explored it yet, you may […]

Early Childhood of Muhammad ﷺ
blog | September 19th, 2023
Early Childhood of Muhammad ﷺ: Pre-Prophethood [Seerah Ep 6]

It was the general custom of the Arabs to send their children away to bedouin wet nurses so that they might grow up with fresh air for the breasts, pure Arabic for the tongue, and freedom for the soul. Away from the hustle and bustle of the town they were to form a lasting bond […]

Sadaqah Jariah
featured | September 5th, 2023
What is Sadaqah Jariyah? Benefits and Examples of Ongoing Charity

Islam is a religion of humanity. It encourages voluntary charitable activities, which are referred to as Sadaqah. From the Islamic perspective, Sadaqa isn’t solely referred to as giving money but can be anything good deeds like smiling, helping others, giving good advice, removing obstacles from the path, etc.   Sadaqah Jariah, on the other hand, is […]

The Birth of Muhammad ﷺ
blog | September 5th, 2023
The Birth of Muhammad ﷺ: Pre-Prophethood [Seerah Ep 5]

Muhammad ﷺ was born into the clan of Hashim, one of the most distinguished family groups in Makkah. His great-grandfather had been the first merchant to engage in the independent trade with Syria and Yemen and the clan had the privilege of providing the pilgrims with water during the hajj, one of the most important […]

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