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Product Designer

About Us

Greentech Apps Foundation ( is a UK-based charity building Islamic applications for the benefit of Mankind. We are a team striving our best to cater to the Islamic needs of the Ummah in this modern, digital world. We currently have 7+ apps on Android, iOS, Web, macOS & Windows and over a million users.


20 Lilac Court, Cambridge CB1 7AY, UK


About the Role

As a Product Designer for Greentech Apps Foundation, you will be responsible for creating and developing new product designs, as well as improving and refining existing products. This includes creating design concepts, prototyping, and testing. The product designer will work closely with cross-functional teams such as engineers, marketers, and product managers to ensure that the product meets the needs of the target audience and aligns with the company’s goals. Strong skills in design thinking, problem-solving, and communication are essential for success in this role.


  • Participate in user research and interaction studies.
  • Present rough drafts to product managers and/or key stakeholders to gain approval.
  • Translate user stories and business requirements into effective designs.
  • Design sitemaps, wireframes, prototypes, and UI.
  • Design UI mockups and prototypes that clearly illustrate how sites function and look.
  • Identify and troubleshoot UX/UI problems.
  • Collaborate with other designers to evolve our brand-identity style guide.
  • Design marketing materials (e.g., social media posts and newsletters) for growth.
  • Stay up-to-date with design applications.
  • Conduct user testing to gather feedback on designs.
  • Collaborate with developers to ensure that designs are implemented correctly.
  • Assist with defining and documenting design processes and guidelines.
  • Participate in stakeholder meetings to present and defend design decisions.
  • Create and maintain design systems and style guides.
  • Manage and prioritize design tasks and projects within a team or project schedule.
  • Continuously learn about new design trends, technologies, and tools.
  • Participate in design reviews and provide feedback to other designers on their work.

Apart from the responsibilities listed above, the most important skill we are looking for in a designer is taking end-to-end ownership of design projects. In simple terms, when a problem arises, we expect the product designer to solve it proactively. This means identifying stakeholders and contacting them with questions and suggestions rather than passively waiting for feedback. The product designer should also be able to manage their time well enough to solve the problem before the deadline, considering the feedback and other processes involved.

    Employment Status



    Preferred Background

    • BSc/BBA or any similar degrees
    • A strong portfolio that showcases the candidate’s design skills and experience working on a range of projects
    • 1+ years of meaningful experience in a similar role

    Skill Requirements

    • Strong understanding of design principles and techniques
    • Proficiency in Figma design software (experience with other software is a plus)
    • Experience with user research, prototyping, and product testing
    • Ability to work in a team and collaborate with cross-functional teams such as engineers, marketers, and project managers
    • Strong communication and presentation skills to effectively convey design concepts and ideas
    • Ability to think creatively, problem-solve, and generate innovative ideas
    • Familiarity with user-centred design methodologies and design thinking process


    Remote (Based in Bangladesh)


    30,000 – 50,000 BDT

    Compensation & Other Benefits

    • Yearly salary review
    • Two weekly holidays (Friday & Saturday)
    • Budget and culture for continued learning and up-skilling
    • Two yearly festival bonuses
    • Casual leave, sick leave, parental leave and public holidays as gazetted by the local government and organization’s decision

    Here you will

    • Work with a team of ethically motivated people to create beneficial applications.
    • Learn things that will help you grow both as a product manager and an individual.
    • Help to create products that will benefit humanity.